What’s a live storytelling slam?

In our definition, a live storytelling slam is an open mic event where random participants from the audience tell their true personal tales.  Remember the old joke “A guy walks into a bar…?”  Well at our storytelling events you’ll do just that.

Step 1 – Walk into the bar.

Step 2 – Order a drink and some delicious eats with friends.

Step 3 – Listen for the MC to call out for stories.

Step 4 – Toss your name into the hat and if your name gets drawn get up and tell your 5 minute or less story.  It’s that easy.

Step 4 (Alternative) – Don’t toss your name into the hat and sit back and listen to the brave storytellers drawn from the hat.

Step 5 – Relax, marvel, laugh, cry and prepare to be mesmerized by the coolest, live entertainment experience since, well…since a guy walked into a bar!  And isn’t that one of the best places you’ve ever heard a story?